We want to make it easier and safer to share spaces in our homes. This should also be handled on fair terms for both parties – a safe and secure payment for you as landlord and a safe home at a reasonable cost for a student.

  • Free of charge until the contract is signed
  • 400 SEK, a starting fee after signing the contract
  • 5%, service fee based on the monthly rent
  • No other hidden fees


Adam is a student who wants to rent a room. Margareta has a room to rent out. Adam and Margareta get matched by Ett tak, they get to meet on a video call and after that they both decide that they want to live together.

They then get a rental contract for both parties to sign. When they have signed the contract, they will be charged a starting fee. Now Adam has a landlady and Margareta has a tenant.

During the rental period the service fee is also paid equally. Adam pays the monthly rent plus service fee and Margareta gets the monthly rent minus the service fee. Adam’s monthly payments and Margareta’s monthly payments can be calculated as follows:

Adam´s monthly payment: Rent + 5% Service fee
Margareta´s monthly income: Rent – 5% Service fee

Recommended rental levels

This is not a service for subletting or renting out at the highest possible rent per month. As a student your finances are usually not so good and it’s almost impossible to compete with everybody else on the crazy housing market.

At the same time, a safe home is important for everyone to get access to good education. That’s why we want to make sure that the rent is set to fit a student’s finances. Here you can read more about recommended rental levels for different types of housing.

Perhaps you are ready to rent out but still a little bit uncertain about the rental level. Don´t worry, this is something we have done before. We are happy to help you to set a reasonable rent. Just specify that you want our help with that when you register, and we will give you a suggestion.