Be yourself, together

Whoever you are and whatever you like. We help you find your new tenant or landlord. Right now we do not accept applications while upgrading our service. We will post more information about this soon.

Be yourself, together

Whoever you are and whatever you like. We help you find your new tenant or landlord.

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This is Ett tak!

The highest number of single households and a housing shortage, not at least student accommodation at a reasonable cost. Ett tak is a digital matching service for you who want to rent out a room or part of your home and you who study. We match people with people for mutual, safe and pleasant shared living.

Easy to use

Simple, secure and digital. We help you find your new tenant or landlord  who matches your wishes. It saves time and preserves your privacy. Sharing should be easy.

Contract and rental payment

We will make sure that you get a correct and fair rental contract. We also take care of your rental payments, so you don’t have to handle money between you. Sharing should be without worries.

Security for both parties

We create the best conditions for you to feel comfortable and secure. If something happens, we are available as a support and will also help you find a new tenant/ landlord. Sharing should be safe.

Personal matching

Through our personal matching, we can also consider things such as interests and lifestyle. Often, it is the little things that are that little extra, so you can be yourself together. It should be nice to share.


”By letting a young person rent part of my home I have learnt so much about myself”

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“I think its cool that you can have mutual interests even if there is a big age difference”

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”It´s such a relief not having to handle contracts and rental payments ourselves”

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Ett tak offers an awesome service, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone moving to Stockholm*”

*Ett tak can also be found in other cities than Stockholm

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How it works

  1. Register

    The only thing you need to do is answering a few questions about yourself. It is of course free to register to the service.

  2. Matching

    Lean back and let us do the magic work in finding your best tenant / landlord

  3. First meeting

    When we have found your match, we offer you the possibility of a first meeting. We invite you to a user-friendly and secure video call. This is an opportunity for both landlord and tenant to meet and find out if you think you will get along. You will also  have a chance to ask questions that are important to you.

  4. Live together 

    Now that everything is in place, it´s time to move in. The contract has now been signed and the payments will be handled by Ett tak´s payment service. From now on you can concentrate on being yourself, together.